• Aijun Song, Fumin Zhang, Xiaoyan Hong, Zheng Peng, and Zhaohui Wang, “Infrastructure to Advance Mobile Underwater Wireless Networking Research”, NSF BLUE UCI Workshop, Jan 12-14, 2021.


  • Scott Mayberry, Junkai Wang, Qiuyang Tao, Fumin Zhang, Shuai Dong, Connor L Webb, Aijun Song, Xiaoyan Hong, Dmitrii Dugaev, Zheng Peng, First Step Towards 𝜇Net: Open-Access Aquatic Testbeds and Robotic Ecosystem, WUWNet’21, Nov. 2021.


  • ROV summer camp, University of Alabama: July 13-15, 2021. In the summer camp, we taught a group of middle/high students the basics of electronics and robotics through fun activities. During the three-day program, the young students assembled their remotely operated vehicles and participated in robotics competitions in a swimming pool.